5 Ways to Transform Your Skin with Scar & Burn Repair Serum

5 Ways to Transform Your Skin with Scar & Burn Repair Serum

Intrigued by Scar & Burn Repair Serum but not sure how to use it? I’m sharing five different ways I use this versatile healing oil. You’ll see why it’s one of my favorite secret weapons in my own skincare rituals.

What exactly is a serum?

Compared to a daily cleansing or moisturizing product (one that supports the overall health and hydration of the skin), a product labeled a ‘serum’ typically means it’s targeted for a specific purpose and has a more concentrated formula. 

Scar & Burn Repair Serum’s specific purpose:

To promote repair of damaged skin and a return to healthy function, by delivering highly effective healing nutrients in a gentle but potent blend.

What's in Scar & Burn Repair Serum’s concentrated formula?

The base of this serum is a combination of only two seed oils: Rosehip Seed Oil and Pumpkin Seed Oil, both rich in vitamins and repair properties including vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant) and vitamin A (an important nutrient for healing and immune function). Normally these oils are in smaller amounts in a formula with other base oils, but I gave them the spotlight in this one.

Rosehip Seeds
Rosehip Seeds

Rosehip Seed Oil has a soft orange-pink color, and Pumpkin Seed Oil has a deep, warm brown color. Together they create the deep, completely natural color of this remedy, which I love.

I also added a blend of five carefully chosen essential oils to the formula, including Frankincense, which helps reduce inflammation and infection, and also helps repair and tone the skin. The result is a highly effective and useful remedy for a variety of skin-repair needs.

Scar & Burn Repair Serum with frankincense resin
Frankincense resin

A note on formulas: Pure Luxe Apothecary products are always 100% natural and free from additives, preservatives, parabens, phthalates, emulsifiers, colorants, and any synthetic ingredients.

5 Ways to Use Scar & Burn Repair Serum

1. Face & Skincare (Daily & Weekly Rituals)

Skincare needs can differ slightly, depending on the day, week, or season. Lifestyle factors have a significant impact: what we’re eating, our hydration levels, alcohol intake, prescription medications, our internal body chemistry and changing hormones all make a difference to our skin. Our environment affects our skin too: changing weather, temperature, indoor air quality, outdoor air quality (pollution), sun exposure, wind, and so on. 

I keep Repair Serum on rotation in my morning and evening face care routine, for days when I need extra help with hydration and cleanup of spots and blemishes. Rosehip seed oil in particular helps even out discoloration and sun damage over time (something I have quite a bit of).

Lately, I've been applying Repair Serum in the evening after oil cleansing. I layer Rich Regeneration Face Creme on any particularly dry areas and around the eyes. Note: This serum is really helpful for the dry skin that can come with menopause and hormone fluctuations.

Pure Luxe Apothecary products

2. After-Sun and After-Wind Care

Pop this in your suitcase for your next sunny-destination getaway. It’s so useful after a long day in the sun and wind: outdoor sports, hiking, beach-time, boating, outdoor events and concerts, and more. Apply before bed for soothing, hydrating repair.

On a recent beach trip, I missed a couple spots with the sunscreen one afternoon, so I had splotches of redness around one shoulder and the side of one knee (so annoying). After showering at the end of the day, I applied Repair Serum to those sunburned areas to give them some extra love and faster healing. 

A great combination for burned skin is Neroli Face Mist (with aloe, chamomile, rose, and neroli - super gentle and soothing to irritated skin) and Scar & Burn Repair Serum. Mist the affected areas first, then gently apply Repair Serum on top to help seal in the moisture and nutrients. 

3. Shaving Kit

This blend is really helpful for minimizing ingrown hairs, redness, and irritation after shaving (bikini area, legs, etc.). And a hot tip for men: this is a great after-shave face oil.

Apply a few drops to keep areas soft and hydrated, as well as clean. The antibacterial properties of the essential oils in the formula are key here.  

4. First Aid Kit 

Since this formula is centered around skin repair, it’s helpful for a wide range of skin injuries - everything from small cuts, scrapes, and abrasions to larger areas of rashes. Even tattoo after-care. The specific blend of plant-based oils helps promote healing and reduce risk of infection. 

For deep gashes and wounds, please go to a Walk-in/Urgent Clinic or ER (quickly) and follow your health care provider’s recommendations (you may need stitches, packing, etc.). You could apply the oil around a deep wound (but not on it) to introduce the beneficial oils to the area, then once the wound has started to close, apply the oil to promote further healing. 

Scar & Burn Repair Serum, small and large size bottles

5. Post-Surgery and Post-Radiation Care

When I initially formulated Scar & Burn Repair Serum, I had loved ones in mind who had upcoming surgeries and would have tender incisions to care for afterwards. I wanted to create a blend that was regenerative and gentle, nutrient-dense for speeding up repair, and could also help keep skin ‘clean’ while healing (by warding off bacteria and infections) to minimize scarring.

The Repair Serum formula is also ideal for gently hydrating and repairing skin impacted by radiation burns and rashes. Radiated skin needs very gentle care - no harsh cleansers or abrasives and as much hydration as possible (including hydration from within from drinking plenty of water/electrolytes). Using a healing plant-based formula allows the affected area to ‘breathe’ while still being protected and nourished. And it helps ease discomfort and itching.  

Quick summary of the different ways to utilize the power of Scar & Burn Repair Serum:

Layer into your daily or weekly routine as needed. Useful to help repair, hydrate, and keep tissue healthy.

  • Use as a face moisturizer for extra repair
  • Use on any irritated areas of skin

Soothe inflammation and burns on any areas of the body. Ideally used in combination with Neroli Face Mist.

  • Soothe sun burns 
  • Soothe razor burns
  • Soothe radiation burns

Keep damaged areas of skin clean and soft, while aiding repair.

  • Use on surgery Incisions 
  • Use on cuts and scrapes

Bottle sizes: 1oz and 2oz bottles, with glass dropper for easy application
Shelf life: 6-9 months, stored in a cool dark spot away from heat/sunlight

Full list of Ingredients and Benefits: here

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This really is one of my favorite additions to my skincare rituals: A luxurious, versatile and valuable healing serum to use throughout the year. I hope you enjoy using it too.

Cheers to good health and happy skin! 

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