My Commitments for Forward Momentum

My Commitments for Forward Momentum

Looking back on what I've learned about myself this far, plus what I hope to move forward towards in the future, I chose three main Commitments for myself. They are front-and-center in my brain each day and serve as my compass for the journey ahead. ⁠

Whenever I come up against something or there’s a decision to be made - even when I’m simply laying out the plan for the day - I’ll circle back to these to help guide my next move. ⠀ 

Commitment 1 is simply to show up. That's my shorthand way of saying 'be ready to do the work.'

This commitment is about honoring myself, my future self, and all the loved ones in my life I care so much about. It's about being consistent, creating routine, and even embracing routine in certain areas that I've resisted. It's about facing choices, and discomfort too, with my best foot forward. And it's relevant in every aspect of my life - health and wellness, business, personal life, relationships, and all those annoying 'adulting' tasks that never end ... lol

Showing up is much easier said than done. But it's a critical choice to make each day. And it feels like exactly the right thing for me to focus on. ⁠ ⁠⠀

"Take pleasure in doing what needs to be done... versus doing what you're in the mood for." 

COMMITMENT 2: Create Energy

It's easy to end up in patterns of doing things, big and small, that chip away at my energy. And this has a knock-on effect on my mood, attitude, movement, food choices, and so on.

Commitment 2 builds on showing up and is about taking a hard look at what I do and think about each day, and then intentionally prioritizing things that boost positive energy. Things that generate good vibes, deeper and slower breathing, creativity, laughter, lightness, motivation, a growth mindset, feelings of possibility and love and connection. This is the kind of energy I want to fill my days. ⁠⠀
As I move through each year, how I choose to create energy will naturally shift and evolve. But the basics will always include getting enough quality sleep and starting each day with healthy routines... water with lemon, a healthy real-food breakfast, simple yoga practices to stretch and breathe (much gratitude to @fwfglife), and choosing mantras to keep on loop in my mind. ⁠⠀
I'm also prioritizing the creative work I do, spending quality time with loved ones, reading inspiring books and articles, and developing new skills and new ideas. Even looking into the energy of money, and how the 'current of currency' can be positive and uplifting, is on my list. (There's often negative or stressful energy around money... but it doesn't have to be that way.)⁠⠀
There will always be responsibilities in life that are draining. That’s part of life. But my commitment here is to SHIFT. Shift the focus and the balance in favor of things that create energy for me. Magnify, amplify, prioritize those things. And squeeze out and reduce those that do not. Each day, each week, each month.

Because no matter how we slice it, life is all about energy and energy flow... and we get to choose how to direct it.⁠✨

COMMITMENT 3: Choose Courage

My third Commitment is to choose courage. One of my favorite phrases is 'courage over comfort' (thank you Brene Brown). It's my reminder to be true to who I am and make choices that honor my own inner voice, even when it's hard. Especially when it's hard. ⁠⠀
Why? Because that's where the good stuff is. Being courageous enough to step outside my comfort zone means being vulnerable. And being vulnerable (open, honest, real) allows me to share myself more freely, to create more meaningful connections, and to push myself to grow. ⁠And that's where I want to go ... towards more depth and connection and learning. To keep expanding into greater joy. ⁠⠀
I've had plenty of experience with hesitating, waiting, and ignoring my inner voice. Because it was easier and "safer." ⁠But absolutely not healthy. Those choices kept me stuck and shrinking. ⁠⠀
So I'm committed to tuning in and cranking up the volume on my own compass. ⁠For things both big and small. ⠀

⁠Why choose Commitments instead of Goals?

Prior to drafting these three commitments, I participated in an online workshop called 'The Commitment Blueprint.' It took small business owners and entrepreneurs through a process of envisioning what we want our life and business to look like. And based on that vision, we then outlined the commitments and strategies we would use to move towards that vision. ⁠⠀
The differentiation between 'commitments' and 'goals' was a key takeaway for me: goals celebrate outcome, while commitments celebrate process. Or put another way, it's the difference between the destination (goal or outcome) and the journey (commitment or process).

Goals are important and valuable, but they typically focus on a target somewhere out in the future and can create anxiety around meeting fixed expectations or behaviors. Commitments, on the other hand, emphasize the present moment and the small-but-powerful everyday choices we can make that move us forward. That subtle shift in thinking feels like a better way for me to navigate, since life is constantly evolving and we are constantly learning. 

What are you committing to or shifting towards in the days and months ahead???


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Gratitude always,

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