Cold & Flu Defense: Small But Mighty

Cold & Flu Defense: Small But Mighty

Your go-to remedy for a strong immune system.

I keep this small-but-mighty rollerball on my bedside table and apply to my nose, palms, and soles of my feet as part of my evening winding-down routine. It's the last thing I do before I dive under cozy covers and drift off to sleep. 

It's also always in my bag when I travel, ready to roll onto my nose on flights, keeping my airways moisturized AND fighting bacteria and viruses in the dry cabin air.  

And as a quick and easy hand sanitizer, it works beautifully any time or place; I just roll a small amount over my palms, and rub them together. 

So what is it exactly? COLD & FLU DEFENSE is a botanical blend of seven powerful essential oils and organic jojoba oil that helps stimulate and support the immune system. It absorbs quickly, is non-sticky and non-greasy, and has a fresh herbal scent. 

The goal is to both inhale the aromatic molecules (by rolling it under and around your nostrils and breathing in the scent) and to absorb the molecules (by applying it to your skin; especially highly absorbent palms and soles).

Other places and ways to use Cold & Flu Defense:

  • In busy classrooms. Teachers and students both can tuck a rollerball in their desk or backpack to help ward off the spread of viruses and germs.
  • At the gym. Apply before sharing equipment and locker rooms with fellow members.
  • On public transportation. So many railings, seats, and doors to touch... 
  • In hotel rooms. Traveling means different air in different places and climates, and hotel room air is often stale and dry. 
  • At work. Keep a rollerball at your desk to use daily. Don't forget to sanitize the phone, keyboard, and other frequently used items too. 
  • During a yoga class. While you're focusing on your breath, inhale the beneficial aromatics of this blend. With it rolled discreetly under your nose, it won't disturb anyone else in class. 

Key Properties & Ingredients
The highly-effective blend provides antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties, along with immune stimulating and strengthening benefits. COLD & FLU DEFENSE is ideally used preventatively, though if you're already fighting something off, the expectorant and decongestant properties of the oils will help open your airways and move illness along quicker. 

Essential Oils:
Thyme Oil  /  Ravensara Oil  / Hyssop Oil  /  Lavender Oil 
Rosemary Oil  /  Tea Tree Oil  /  Niaouli Oil



Cheers to your health!


I believe in keeping things simple, yet sophisticated. Using beautifully effective, natural ingredients, I create luxurious skincare blends for everyday rituals. In every small batch of Pure Luxe Apothecary products, you'll find a fusion of pure, plant-based ingredients, thoughtfulness, and intention. These modern and minimalist remedies are rooted in health and well-being, because to me, beauty begins within.

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