How to Heal Dry Skin

How to Heal Dry Skin

Meet Kim: mom, partner, nurse, entrepreneur, artist/maker, AND grad student! She's a multi-talented friend and all-around lovely human living here in Iowa City.

In a recent coffee-shop chat over chai, Kim asked about skincare recommendations to help with her dry and often irritated skin. We talked through how her skin has been feeling, as well as the context: season/weather, lifestyle, life stage, and more. 

Based on our conversation, I recommended four Pure Luxe Apothecary products for her to try. And we decided to make a video!

Watch our video below to learn about:

  • Kim's specific skin concerns

  • the products I recommend for her

  • and how to use them - with Kim trying each one for the first time!

(Please note: This video was casual and unscripted! I didn't think ahead about filming in landscape vs portrait, and my editing skills are pretty basic yet. 🤪 So thank you for your patience with this first attempt at long-form video! It's gonna be a learning curve... Phew. Progress over perfection!)

The four products Kim is using:

Enrich Daily Face Cleanser

Neroli Face Mist

Argan & Rosehip Face Oil

Rich Regeneration Face Creme

Want to purchase all of these? Click here for Kim's Bundle! 

Back to context...
 In our earlier coffee-shop chat, Kim and I talked about the things that can impact our skin beyond the products we use: both the internal and external factors that affect our body daily.

Internally: how much water and hydration we're taking in, the foods/nutrients we eat, how much sleep we're getting, stress levels, hormones, medications, and so on.  

Externally: our geographic location, the weather and season (temperature, humidity, wind, sun levels), air quality both inside our spaces (homes, offices, anywhere we spend a lot of time), and air quality outside. 

The way we care for our skin with the products we put on it (and absorb into our body) is so important. Choosing natural, non-toxic, nutrient-dense products is a key piece of the puzzle. AND it's also important to look at our skin and our health holistically - to get the full view of what's going on and the positive adjustments we could make. Once we begin to balance both the internal and external factors, we'll see even bigger changes in our health and wellbeing. 

What's impacting your skin lately? Are there small (or big) shifts you could make to help your skin feel and function better?

Thank you, Kim, for sharing your story and for choosing Pure Luxe Apothecary! 💞

Cheers to good health and happy skin,


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