Refresh Your Face Care Routine

Refresh Your Face Care Routine

Skincare is all about the experience.

It's about effective ingredients and purposeful blends too, of course. Absolutely. But the simple act of caring for your skin with luxurious, vibrant remedies turns an ordinary task into a beautiful and healing ritual. 

For me, the best rituals are those that engage all the senses with natural fragrances, colors, textures, and raw botanical energy - and in doing so, they help put me in the present moment in my body. Taking the time to enjoy that feeling of re-grounding and re-centering at the beginning and end of each day is so therapeutic. Here’s the lowdown on refreshing your face care routine and designing your own healing rituals with Pure Luxe Apothecary.

Refresh Your Routine. Create Your Ritual.

Within each step, pick your remedy of choice (plus extra special treatments) to suit your current needs and mood. You may mix and match like I do, depending on the state of your skin at the moment. Or stick with your absolute favorites. The most important part? Let your mind be at ease and enjoy the relaxation of gentle self care.

For full ingredient lists and directions for use, click on individual products below.


Enrich Daily Face Cleanser

Refine Facial Exfoliating Clay

Choose a balancing oil cleanser to refresh and revitalize the complexion, or a fine micro-exfoliant to gently lift excess surface cells and reveal a soft glow.

Removing Enrich Daily Face Cleanser with a hot washcloth is one of my favorite treats, morning or night. I wring out a soft cotton cloth with the warmest water I can handle, then lay the cloth over my face for a mini-steam. As the cloth cools, buff away the oil, makeup, and grime of the day with circular motions. Rinse the cloth, then wring and repeat a few times for clean, baby-soft skin.

My favorite way to use Refine Facial Exfoliating Clay is in the shower. Add a few drops of water to blend the powder into a paste, then lightly scrub over the face and neck with circular motions (avoiding the delicate eye area). It’s so easy to rinse off this way, mess-free. For extra decadence, add a few drops of the cleansing oil instead of water for a richer blend.

Step 2: TONE


Rosewater Hydrating Face Tonic

Neroli Face Mist

After cleansing, Rosewater Hydrating Face Tonic acts as a gentle and soothing astringent and helps restore the skin’s natural pH (acid mantle barrier). Or choose Neroli Face Mist for its healing floral waters and anti-inflammatory aloe and chamomile. Both blends are made with delicate hydrosols that bring plant-enriched water to the skin.


Argan & Rosehip Face Oil

Rich Regeneration Face Creme

While the skin is still damp from the Rosewater Tonic or Neroli Face Mist, apply a deeply nourishing moisturizer.

Argan & Rosehip Face Oil is light, packed with nutrients, and beneficial for nearly all skin types. I use this oil religiously in my morning routine. It sinks in to the deeper layers of the dermis, leaving a barely-there dewiness.


For more intense hydration, particularly at night or on extra-dry spots, choose Rich Regeneration Face Creme for it’s luxe velvety texture. I also sometimes add a tiny amount of this around my eyes in the morning to help smooth makeup application.

Both of these formulas include incredible essential oil blends for their therapeutic properties and mood-lifting fragrances. Deep happy breaths recommended.


Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
Sea Berry Lip Oil
Scar & Burn Repair Serum
Neroli Face Mist

Add specific treatments to Steps 1-3 to customize your ritual.

For extra stubborn eye makeup, including waterproof mascara, barely dip the end of q-tip into Gentle Eye Makeup Remover and swipe it over lids and lashes. This ancient skin remedy of organic unrefined sesame oil takes makeup off like a breeze and helps soothe and hydrate around the eyes.

Add super-conditioning oils and antioxidants to your lips with Sea Berry Lip Oil. Using this luscious blend daily helps repair and strengthen the delicate layers of the lips, leaving them super hydrated and crack-free with consistent use. 

Scar & Burn Repair Serum can be used as a lovely healing moisturizer for the entire face. You can apply it just like Face Oil - a few drops is all it takes to hydrate the entire face, neck and decolletage. I also keep this oil on hand to heal scrapes and cuts, but it’s gentle enough for use on the face. The organic rosehip seed oil and pumpkin seed oil base is heavenly.

Neroli Face Mist is such a versatile blend, you can incorporate it into almost any self care ritual. It can be misted over bare skin, over moisturizers, or over makeup - any time, any place (tuck it into travel bags, gym bags, office bags…). It can be used for its skin soothing properties or its mood soothing properties too (anxiety and stress reducing). I often finish my nighttime routine with a few sprays of this gorgeous floral mist. It makes me smile and reminds me that restful sleep is just ahead.

However you choose to design your Face Care Ritual, I hope you find joy in the moment. The restorative experience of caring for yourself with clean, plant-based remedies is pure magic.

Do you have a favorite face care ritual that rocks your world? I’d love to hear!

[Images by Poppi Photography and Pure Luxe Apothecary]


I believe in keeping things simple, yet sophisticated. Using beautifully effective, natural ingredients, I create luxurious skincare blends for everyday rituals. In every small batch of Pure Luxe Apothecary products, you'll find a fusion of pure, plant-based ingredients, thoughtfulness, and intention. These modern and minimalist remedies are rooted in health and well-being, because to me, beauty begins within.

Gratitude always,

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