Welcome to the New Site!

Welcome to the New Site!

The new site is officially LIVE, and I’m so proud to share it with you! 

After focusing on the details for months, it feels good to step back and admire how the pieces have come together into a lovely new whole. I’m doing a little happy dance as we speak.

When I started this project, my hope was to offer a true reflection of the Pure Luxe vibe and to share with visitors what this brand and business is all about. The site needed to be inviting and user-friendly for customers to navigate and shop, and also for me as the primary behind-the-scenes dashboard user. And the fantastic team at Aeolidia nailed it.


Since June, Aeolidia has led me through their thoughtful and well-orchestrated design and development process, which they customize specifically for each client’s needs and goals. Our shared workspace and discussions were virtual (BaseCamp is fab), and the communication and organization was top-notch (I SO appreciate organization, clearly defined tasks, and deadlines!).

I’ve learned so much by working with this team of creative professionals - each one a specialist and maker/designer in their own right. Thank you Arianne, Sam, Helen, Ann, Natalia, Caroline, and Jon! You are all so inspiring - thank you for sharing your expertise.


A few new features I'm loving:

  • Stockists - find your favorite products in a shop or salon near you. 

  • Product pages - descriptions of each product, including more detailed information in three separate tabs: Key Benefits, Directions for Use, and Ingredients.

  • Reviews - share your feedback and read what others have to say.

  • Gift Cards - purchase Pure Luxe Apothecary e-gift cards for friends and loved ones. Cards are delivered by email, include a code for redeeming at checkout, and never expire.

  • Blog - a place to share ideas and inspiration. Learn about ingredients and blends, see behind the scenes, meet other makers, and explore the beauty of living well.


Katrin at echt Kreativ - a huge THANK YOU to you, dear friend. Katrin is the creative force and graphic-designer behind the Pure Luxe logo, unique patterned labels on each product, and so much more. She has a heart of gold, a fantastic eye for design, and I’m so proud to have worked with her since the very beginning of Pure Luxe.

Kristina at Poppi Photography - thank you so much for creating beautiful images for the new website and beyond. Kristina’s vision, energy, and photography style is just beautiful. Plus she’s a joy to collaborate with. Can’t wait for our next shoot!

If you have a creative, product-based business, do check out Aeolidia’s blog and their wealth of free online resources. They tailor their offerings specifically for designers, artists, and makers with growing small businesses. I’ve followed and admired them for years, so when it was time to take this step forward, I knew exactly who I wanted to work with.

I’m so delighted to share this new online home for Pure Luxe Apothecary and hope you enjoy looking around.


Pure Luxe Apothecary blog about image

I'm Leslie, founder and maker behind Pure Luxe Apothecary. I formulate luxurious, clean skincare products to help you live your healthiest, most vibrant life. I believe simplicity is sexy and health is holistic. Join me in exploring the beauty of living well. 
Holistic Health / Skincare / Ingredients
Nature / Travel / Joy / Connection
Minimalist Style / Design / Beauty

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Congrats on the new website Leslie – it is so beautiful!

I am loving the new header photo! Such a eye catching display of your wonderful products!

Love the display of the reviews on the home page too. And to my surprise there was one of my reviews – super cool!

Congrats again, Leslie! Know that all of your hard work has paid off. The new website is amazing and a perfect home for your brand!


Debi Bodett

Lovely! Thanks for sharing your process and discovery for arriving at your beautiful new website. Congrats!

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