Q and A with Leslie

Q and A with Leslie
Note: Pure Luxe Apothecary started in Olympia, WA and has since moved to Iowa City, IA!

One of my favorite parts of running a small artisan business in Olympia is being part of the Olympia Farmers Market downtown. In all the places I’ve lived and traveled, local markets have always been my preferred places to explore. They’re perfect for learning about and absorbing local culture and community; I’ve always felt they offer a glimpse of the ‘heart’ of a place. So I’m honored to be part of this community of vendors here in Olympia.
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I'm Leslie, founder and maker behind Pure Luxe Apothecary. I formulate luxurious, clean skincare products to help you live your healthiest, most vibrant life. I believe simplicity is sexy and health is holistic. Join me in exploring the beauty of living well. 
Holistic Health / Skincare / Ingredients
Nature / Travel / Joy / Connection
Minimalist Style / Design / Beauty

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Lori Huff

Leslie, I am over the top excited for you taking on Pure Luxe full time !! Can’t wait to see the new items you are working on!


Loved reading about how you started your brand/shop Leslie! You are so right health truly is wealth!! Nice to have a glimpse into your workshop – looks very pretty! Keep at it dearie! ?


I loved reading this Leslie and could totally identify with the honesty of yours about running a small business and not getting to do everything in a day. I also loved reading about your passion for natural ingredients.

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