Face Mist and Face Tonic... What's the difference?

Face Mist and Face Tonic... What's the difference?

One of the questions I'm often asked by customers is 'What's the difference between Rosewater Hydrating Face Tonic and Neroli Face Mist?' It's an excellent question, and one I'm glad to chat about.

Neroli Face Mist

Neroli Face Mist is a gentle blend of fragrant floral waters - specifically neroli, rose, and chamomile hydrosols - with the addition of aloe. It’s great as a hydrating mist throughout the day, useful both under and over makeup, and offers an uplifting, de-stressing aroma.

For me the energetic properties of the floral waters stand out the most: it's a lovely anti-stress and anti-anxiety remedy.

However, it's a super versatile addition to your skincare kit: It's an excellent remedy for soothing hives and itching, irritated skin. It's great as a cooling mist; keep it in the fridge for after-workout cool downs or extra hot weather. When traveling (especially on planes), use it to both hydrate the skin and relax the mood. Mist after applying foundation and/or powder to set makeup. Mist onto bare skin at bedtime as part of a nightly relaxation ritual. The sky's the limit. 

The most common response from people trying Neroli Face Mist at the market is a deep breath followed by an emphatic "Oh wow... that smells gorgeous!"

Customer thoughts:

"This mist leaves my skin so soft, hydrated and with such a beautiful glow. I don't wear makeup but I am sure it would be a great makeup freshener. Love having this as a part of my skincare routine." - Kayla

"I love this mist! It's soothing, calming, and moisturizing. You can tell it's made of very high-quality ingredients." - Lauren

Rosewater Hydrating Face Tonic

Rosewater Hydrating Face Tonic is formulated with a blend of Lebanese rosewater and essential oil, aloe, and witch hazel (alcohol-free).

Both rose and aloe offer softening and soothing properties, while witch hazel provides gentle astringent and toning properties. In general, tonics and toners are known for their pH balancing qualities. So that aspect, coupled with gentle softening qualities, stands out most about this blend for me. 

Rosewater Hydrating Face Tonic is ideally used after cleansing and before applying moisturizer to help restore the skin's natural acid mantle (protective barrier). However, it's beautiful to use any time of day. I often use this blend in the mornings in place of a full oil cleanse. I apply the Tonic to a flat cotton pad and swipe across my skin to refresh and take off any excess oil from sleeping. Then I apply face oil and makeup as needed. This Tonic is also great to use as a freshener after a workout to clear excess sweat from the skin.

The aroma of this beautiful blend is subtle, true rose and offers a double dose from both rose hydrosol and rose essential oil. For me, it's like burying my face in a fresh, lush Damask rose on a warm, sun-soaked day. Heavenly.  

Customer thoughts:

"It’s incredibly calming, super gentle, and I love using it with an organic cotton pad post-cleanse to soothe my skin and wipe away any residue that might be left behind." - Authentically Victoria

"I have sensitive skin and have had no problems using this on my skin, its so gentle and refreshing." - Blanca

I hope you and your skin thoroughly enjoy them both.


I believe in keeping things simple, yet sophisticated. Using beautifully effective, natural ingredients, I create luxurious skincare blends for everyday rituals. In every small batch of Pure Luxe Apothecary products, you'll find a fusion of pure, plant-based ingredients, thoughtfulness, and intention. These modern and minimalist remedies are rooted in health and well-being, because to me, beauty begins within.

Gratitude always,

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Oh and I forgot to mention in my first comment that I loved seeing my review for the Neroli Face Mist in this post! Thank you for including and sharing it with others! :D


Another lovely post Leslie! As you know your Neroli Face Mist is one of my absolute favorite products! And I of course love your Rosewater Hydrating Face Tonic too! Loved reading about the all the details and uses of each. My skin loves the simple and pure ingredients that you put into your skin care products! Blessings, Kayla <3

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